Bouncin’ Lead

We pretty much beat the bottom all day, and wound up with a nice catch, and just about as much variety as you could want.

I stopped on a few different spots, some shallow, some deep. We had a lot of action all day. I’ll try to remember all the species we caught. We started out catching a pretty good mess of vermillion snappers (b-liners) and triggerfish. We aren’t allowed to keep American red snappers, but we did release four of them, up to 15 pounds. We caught one nice queen snapper, and a few undersized silver snappers. We also landed a couple of sea bass out of the same area. I stopped on a spot with the jigs and bent the poles on a handful of amberjacks before moving off to deeper water. Next on our list of targeted species were tilefish and snowy groupers. We landed a good mess of tiles and five snowys, including a 36 pounder that made the citation mark. We caught a rose fish while we were in the deep too. I may have missed something, can’t remember! We all enjoyed the day, thanks guys.

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