After a long "no fishing" stretch, it was great to get back out!

The winds were high this morning, so I wasn’t even sure that we would make it at all. We decided to look along the beach for a cobia this morning, and keep an eye on the wind. The last few days have been productive for the guys along the beach, so we were hopeful that we may find some action this morning. Well, after a couple of hours, my group was ready to look for something else, and said they wanted to roll the dice in the deep. After an hour ride to 100 fathoms, we set out our trolling gear and worked offshore. It didn’t produce any bites so we tried the bottom. That didn’t yield any results either, so we gave the amberjacks a try. That worked. Everybody got to pull on a couple of nice fish to break up the monotony and conclude the day. As I ran towards home, and back into radio range of the boats inshore, I learned of the hot cobia bite along the beach. We got inshore right at the end of it, and managed to sight cast two citation size cobias, a 40 pounder and a 55 pounder. An exciting ending to a fun day. Thanks to Tony and his twisted family!

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