The Big Kill

We stopped in the right spot, stayed in the right spot, and finished up in the right spot!

These guys are hard core. They always leave home around 11:00 and drive through the night to be ready to fish in the morning. What’s even more insane, they turn around and drive right back home at the end of the day! So, when we had the box full by 9:00, they were all about getting in, getting their fish cleaned, and getting back on the road. We fished on a color change out in the deep, and had outstanding dolphin fishing. Most of the limit of fish were gaffers, with a few big bailers mixed in. It worked out to be over 500 pounds in a hour and a half of fishing! Now, you’ve got to understand something about my buddy Walter. He’s a Duke fan, and I’m a Tarheel fan, so we’ve got an ongoing friendly rivalry whenever we fish together. I tried to insist that he remove his Duke t-shirt for the dockside photo, but he wouldn’t go for it. Always a blast to fish with. Thanks guys!

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