Hunting For The Big One

Today was another slick calm day of Hatteras offshore fishing!

My group had already fished one day this week, and caught a box full of dolphin, so we really had our mind set on searching for a big bite. It worked out to be a good day for that plan because the first color change wasn’t as productive as yesterday, and everybody who ever owned a boat was fishing on it. No worries, we just pointed her offshore to look around. During our adventure, we managed to catch five gaffer dolphin, to keep things interesting, and finally we raised a blue marlin to the left short rigger. The excitement didn’t last long as he faded off and never reappeared. Still, there had been a few fish seen, so I was hopeful that we would raise another fish. I looked back in time to see an explosion on the right short rigger, and the back and dorsal of what I assumed to be another blue marlin. After a fight, we got the fish on the wire and realized that it was a mako shark. I hopped down to assist Justin in boating the wild toothy critter, and we did our best to stand clear as he wreaked havoc in my cockpit. We managed to fit him in the fish box where he rested nicely until we got in to have him weighed. The scales tipped at 180 pounds. It wasn’t the big bite we were expecting, but still a lot of action! Thanks Steve for another great trip, and congratulations Ted!

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