Trophy Hunt

We spent most of today searching for the big one again!

An hour’s worth of dolphin fishing produced more fish than my group knew what to do with, so upon their request, we jogged off to the deep to search out a marlin bite. We hadn’t fished 15 minutes before we raised a blue marlin on the left long rigger. He made three lazy passes at the bait, but never really knocked it out. He faded off, and we continued our search. A few hours and a couple more gaffers later, we hooked a big blue marlin on the left short rigger. The fish pulled the hook a few seconds after the strike, and faded back to the long rigger on the same side. That’s when I got a good look at the size of the fish. One of the biggest blue marlin I have ever seen. Anyway, he never fired in on another bait, and we gave up circling after a half hour and went our way. There were a few whites seen today, and one blue marlin caught in our fleet. Great dolphin fishing for the most part.

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