Family Fortune

We bumped along this morning in a southeast swell, but once we got to the blue water, the fishing was "off the hook"!

I love it when my day starts off with some billfish action. We hadn’t fished five minutes when we got hit by a pair of sailfish, and my friend Luis landed one of them. After a couple of single gaffers, we hit the mother of all schools of dolphin. It was all gaffers, and it was as fast as they could get a line out. When they quit biting, my guys looked like they had been through a war. So did Justin, as we worked on removing the hook that was embedded in his finger. After the smoke cleared, and we got back to fishing, I decided to look further offshore, and happened to be near a boat that spotted a place of birds working over yellowfin. We got there and hit them twice. The first time we landed two out of three bites, and the second time we caught two out of five. These were beautiful 60 pounders. Justin had to shift some stuff around to fit them in the box. It was a great day for a dad to spend with his boys, and a great day to be fishing on the Godspeed! Thanks Luis.

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