Take Your Pick

Today you could choose between yellowfin or dolphin, but it was hard to do both.

There is never any question about what these guys want to fish for, they are hard core dolphin fishermen. I knew we had to go a long ways offshore to find the condition we were looking for, and we found it just over 40 miles offshore. As we scrounged around in the scattered grass looking for some fish, the radio was alive with reports of tuna action back inshore. I was hoping to find the mega school and finish up quick so I could get back in there and participate, but it took a while. We found several decent schools, and finally the big one that enabled us to catch our limit. We also hooked a nice blue marlin while we were out there, but he came off after the first jump. We put out some high speed lures to cover a little ground on the way back inshore, and wouldn’t you know, the tunas found us, and we managed to land three 40 pounders out of a cover up. Like my day wasn’t good enough already, I made it to the little league field in time to see my son get a base hit! Thanks Kelly for another memorable trip!

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