Take Your Pick…Or Both!

The weather was perfect for a Hatteras fishing trip today. Calm seas, light winds, and epic fishing.

I told my party this morning that if things were like yesterday, they could pick between dolphin fishing and tuna fishing. They chose to go for yellowfin, and we had an exciting morning. We got struck three times and landed eleven tuna in the 40-50 pound range. Since the action had been so good, and they had plenty of fish, I asked if they would like to head offshore a ways and see if we could find some dolphin, and of course, they agreed. We caught a couple nice gaffers trolling out, and once we found a grass line, we got on a pretty good school of fish, which we managed to catch close to 40 out of. There was some billfish action around the fleet, but we never had a bite from one that I know of. Now, you know these guys are spoiled! I snapped a few shots of a squall that we encountered on the way in. I thought the pictures were cool. Thanks Jerry for a great day.

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