June 21 Hatteras Fishing Report

More great dolphin fishing was enjoyed by the boats out of Hatteras again today.

The good people from Western Branch Diesel, which is where I purchased my engine, always come down to do a few days of fishing in June. It’s always "low pressure", which is just the way I like it. We left a little late this morning, but were able to go straight to the fish. The dolphin fishing was excellent, and we were able to limit out, with a few bonus gaffers mixed in with the bailers. While we were bailing dolphin, a 20-25 pound cobia swam up to the boat, so Justin hooked him on a buck tail and he was successfully landed. After that we were anxious to try for a sailfish since there had been several hooked already. We had trouble keeping away from the dolphins, but I guess that’s a good problem to have. We did raise a fish to a longrigger, and I cranked him all the way till the bait was dangling out of the pin, but he wouldn’t switch over to a TLD. A half of a circle later, the dolphins swarmed us and that was the end of our sailfish encounter. Still a picture perfect weather day and a great catch of fish. Thanks guys!

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