Big Barracuda

We fished in a breezy northeaster today, but I have to say the cool breeze felt kinda good!

When we left the dock, it was windy and raining, but the rain eventually quit, and the day turned out to be reasonably nice. My guys had fished yesterday too, and still wanted to find some amberjack action, so I had that on my mind first thing. We had some bites, but a very large and pesky barracuda kept harassing our jacks. No problem, we eliminated the barracuda. We knew he was a nice one, but didn’t realize how nice till we boated him. He wound up just shy of the state record at 52 pounds! NIce work Jim. Anyway, we caught our limit of jacks and decided to head offshore to look around. The dolphin fishing had been scrappy in the shallows, and nobody had ventured out very deep. We found some scattered grass in 300 fathoms and caught a half of a limit of dolphin, including a few gaffers while we were there. All in all, an enjoyable day. Thanks Justin, Jim, Luke and Fred.

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