Thirty Minutes Of Bliss

Today may have been the last of the cool northeasters for a while, but it sure has been pleasant weather for Hatteras fishing.

We set our lines out in the biggest school of dolphin ever this morning. The coffee hadn’t even kicked in yet for my guys and we threw them right on in to the fire! It was as good as I have ever seen it, and in a half hour’s time, we had finished with our sixty fish limit and were moving on to look for something else. The challenge at that point was to stay OUT of the dolphin. I trolled offshore to 100 fathoms and then worked down the beach for six or seven miles, but no marlin bites. My guys had a ball and all wound up with a good mess of fish to take home, even if it did come all at once. Thanks Scott, I hope to see you in November for some yellowfin!

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