More Dolphin And Sails

More great Hatteras fishing and weather was enjoyed by all today!

Today everything worked out for me to take my son, Simon, along. I was hoping to have some good action for him to see, and that worked out too. We started about five minutes away from a good school of dolphin, so when we found them, it was on. My group was nice enough to let Simon jump in the rotation and catch a half dozen or so dolphin. That made his day. He was upstairs with me when we found the second bunch, and was able to appreciate my view. After we finished up with our limit of dolphin, we assumed the duty of hunting down a sailfish. You try to explain to a seven year old that we are gonna spend the next five hours riding, and we may or may not have any more bites! Fortunately, we had a few. Our first encounter was a single shortrigger bite, out of a sailfish, but no contact. We trolled on down the beach, hoping for another turn, as we listened to the frequent reports of "hook ups" over the radio. Finally we got our turn. Right teaser, right short, short shotgun, pins were poppin’ as we worked and finally settled in with a triple header hook up on sails. Everything seemed to be working out fine till one of the three jumped back across it’s line and broke it. We still managed to catch and release two out of the triple. Simon was right down there in the action, cranking stuff out of the way as Justin needed him to. He even got to feel the bill of the one we pulled in the boat for a photo. It was special for me to share with him. Thanks so much Mike for letting him come along and be a part of the action. See you in a couple of weeks.

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