The Weatherman Missed (again)

In spite of a threatening forecast, the weather and fishing turned out to both be pretty good.

The further we ran offshore, the windier and rougher it got, and I figured it to be a "survival" day. Well, the wind fell out, and the forecasted numerous thunderstorms never got here. It turned out to be a nice day after all. We started fishing on a color change and didn’t go far before finding a school of dolphin. We managed to catch our limit in an hour or so, with six or seven small to medium gaffers mixed in the pile. We spent the rest of the day hoping for a sailfish or a wahoo. We did miss a sail in the morning, and in the afternoon had another one appear behind a teaser, and then look over most of the baits in our spread, but never ate. Lately there have been a few more wahoo bites, so I’m looking forward to getting one soon! Thanks to my good ol’ Varina rednecks for a great day! See you in the fall.

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