7/24 Hatteras Offshore Fishing Report

Fishing was on the scrappy side for most of the day, and the weather wasn’t too special either.

I figured it would be choppy today with a 15-20 southwest forecast, but a couple hours into the day it was blowing a steady 25, and plenty choppy. Well, most guys don’t mind it choppy as long as the fish are biting, but the bites were few and far between for us today. We caught a nice gaffer dolphin shortly after we started fishing, and with the exception of a barracuda release, it was 1:30 till we had our next bite. Fortunately in the last hour of fishing we had four wahoo bites and landed three of them. Kinda like pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Anyway, thanks Rodney for hanging in there while we tried to search out some fish for your group. Talk to you soon.

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