Fishing With My Family

Today I had the privilege of spending the day with my uncle and three of my cousins.

We didn’t have much luck finding dolphin today, but we had a number of bigger bites that produced some quality fish for us. We did catch a handful of bailers first thing this morning, but it was so scrappy that I decided to head offshore to look around. My cousin Skyler started things off with a citation 43 pound wahoo. After riding out to 400 fathoms and back in we hooked a nice 25 pound gaffer dolphin and somehow Skyler wound up with the rod again. Our next bit of action came in the form of a doubleheader sailfish. We hooked one of them and Cara fought him to the leader for the release. Nice job Cara. Next was a single sailfish bite which was given to Skyler to battle. He did a great job but somehow in the midst of all the jumping, the fish got wrapped up in the leader and broke off. Still an exciting fight. Thanks again uncle Gene for a great day together!

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