Hatteras Low Pressure

Today the weather man missed by a mile. Fortunately we managed to find some fish to make it all worth while.

The forecast was for an easterly wind at 10-15 and a slight chance of a shower. What really happened was a good ol’ Hatteras low pressure sat over us all day. It blew 25 most of the day, 30 on the leading edges of the numerous squalls that we dealt with from start to finish. There were lulls where the wind fell out to 20. Fishing overall was slow, but the weather made our job difficult today. We found a couple little bunches of dolphin, and one pretty good school around a log this afternoon. We wound up with a decent catch of fish, with a few small gaffers mixed in with the bailers. We never had a wahoo bite although there were a few caught today. Hopefully tomorrow’s weather will be better!

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