Afternoon Wahoo Action

The weatherman tricked us again, and the light winds that were predicted never quite made it to where we were.

My group was on the fence this morning about whether to go today or wait till tomorrow. Obviously we chose to go, and most of the group was happy with the decision. We found a float first thing, and caught five dolphin around it, but that would be all the dolphin for us today. One boat offshore had already had some good marlin action, so I trolled offshore to the hundred. The seas were stacked up to half again what they were in 30 fathoms, and I thought that at least one of my group would appreciate the smoother water, so I trolled back inshore. We finally got in the right spot in the afternoon for some wahoo action, but they had our number. I figure we had ten bites, but only hung on to three of them. Still I was glad to catch them and happy to have the action. Thanks for putting the trip together Lance, and I can’t wait to see you guys again!

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