Anniversary Sailfish

The seas were reasonably calm, but it rained for the first several hours of the day. Everybody was wet, but that didn’t stop the fish from biting!

First of all, Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary to Dave and his wife. She gave him a fishing trip for his anniversary gift, and a chance to fulfill his dream of catching a billfish. It worked out, and then some. We weren’t far into the day before we caught our first wahoo. Next I found one out of two floats that held enough dolphin for us to get our limit. The first one had several nice gaffers around it, and we capitalized on the opportunity. I have lost track of the order that things transpired, but we wound up with four wahoos. Dave caught his sailfish which was one out of a double, and Ed caught one towards the end of the day. It was an action packed day to say the least!

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