August 28 Hatteras Fishing Report

Today wound up being nicer than we had expected, looking at the weather earlier in the week, but the dolphin fishing was simply at it’s peak.

The winds were northeast around 15, quite pleasant if you ask me. There was a swell in the inlet this morning from distant hurricane Daniele, but we waited for a set and breezed on across the bar. When we hit the blue water, the dolphin were there waiting on us. We found the mega school of big bailers, with several small gaffers mixed in. Rick, Katrina, Gabe and Madison hammered them hard. I told them that they were natural born killers. They smiled like killers do. Anyway, after the morning flurry, we worked offshore a little further in hopes of a wahoo bite, but as we got in to more current, the seas began to build. I decided it would be better to shallow up instead. Around 1:00 we got a report that the inlet was getting a little nastier, so we decided to wrap it up and head on in. Madison finished off the day by releasing a barracuda. Thanks Rick for sharing the day with us. Can’t wait to see you back again!

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