…The Day After

I always enjoy fishing after a big storm. It’s like virgin territory, and the weather is usually great.

For starters, this mornings ride to work was as nice as it gets. Calm and cool. We set right out in a school of dolphin and bailed the majority of our limit, right to start with. It was perfect since I had a couple of youngsters on board. Anyway, we had a lot of trolling action throughout the day as well, including a handful of blackfin tunas and one yellowfin. Our wahoo average was pretty fair for most of the day, as we caught three out of six bites, including a 40 pounder for a citation. Towards the end of the trip we hooked four wahoos at once and lost them all, so there went our average all to heck. We did find a couple more schools of dolphin and finished up with our limit, including a couple of small gaffers.

After a hurricane, you never know what you’ll find adrift in the ocean. Today we found a Sign placed by the National Park Service indicating a restricted area, due to the protected birds. At first we figured that since they have roped off most of Hatteras Island anyway, that they were gonna rope off the gulf stream too! What a relief to find out that we could still fish there!

Thanks for a great day back at sea!

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