Godspeed “First Timers”

Once we got in the right area, it was "Katy bar the door". Unbelievable dolphin and wahoo fishing.

We fished in a lively ocean today. We had a "one stop shopping" event on a school of dolphin. These weren’t small bailers, they were big bailers and small gaffers, and they were hungry. At one point we had four fish on, but only one or two people wanted to wind any more in! I asked if they had enough dolphin, and they eagerly said yes. Well, we set out our wahoo baits, and the bite was on. We wound up with nine wahoos for the day. I’d call it a great first trip on the Godspeed! Can’t wait to see you guys again!

Thanks also, for sharing a special day with us. I’m so glad that the day turned out like it did for you. God bless.

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