September 15th Hatteras Offshore Fishing Report

Most of the day was a little breezy out of the northeast, but by this afternoon, the wind and seas had calmed down nicely.

My group today was wonderful. The only problem I had was having to deal with a severe case of IWAD (insufficient wahoo average disorder). Symptoms of this disease are anxiety and depression (in some cases). Our day started off perfect, we landed our first bite, a wahoo. After that we went 0 for 10 or more wahoo bites! I mean, what are you gonna do?! Fish on, line tight, …gone. Over and over. Finally in the afternoon things picked up for us. We found a float that had a school of big bailers around it, and managed to catch 15. Next we caught three blackfin tunas, and At the end of the day landed our last bite…a wahoo. It was nice to finally put together a catch, but I was worried! Thanks again guys for a fun day offshore!

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