Father/Son Skiff Project

Simon and I have been talking about building a skiff together, so a few weeks ago I all the juniper I needed to get started.

The juniper I purchased was rough sawn, so we started out by dressing the lumber. I planed it all down to 1" and then built the transom. Next I shaped the stem out of a block of juniper that I acquired from my dad’s decoy carving supply. Thanks Pop! We cut the first planks and connected them to the transom and stem. Today I made the frames and attached them to the first planks. Tomorrow I should have the sides planked. I’ll try to post some pictures as we move forward. It’ll be a fun project to do together with my son, and we are both excited about it! It will take a lot longer than normal since I will want to wait to have something for him to do each day after school, and also working around my fishing schedule. This skiff is going to measure out at 20′. Stay tuned!

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