Christmas Yellowfins

Justin and I went commercial bluefin fishing today, but fishing was pretty slow for them. The yellowfin fishing was as good as it gets though.

We rig up a little different when we bluefin fish, fewer and heavier rods for starters. The yellowfins don’t always bite the heavier gear that we use for the big boys, but today they weren’t picky. Justin and I caught 15 in a pretty short amount of time, 20-30 pounders. If we had been rigged up a little better for the yellowfins, it could have been ugly. I wish I would have had a charter today with fishing as good as it was. The weather began to turn bad on us, so by 1:00 we were out of there. We did hook one bluefin today, and broke him off. Other than that, a couple of 100 pounders were released.
Check out this sunrise picture. Now that’s HOT!

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