Long Awaited Winter Update

I know it’s been a while since my last post… sorry.

Justin and I tried our luck again today on a commercial bluefin trip. The fishing has been scrappy, but here has been a sign of fish, and tomorrow is the last day we can keep a fish to sell. The weather was beautiful today, so we gave it a shot. There weren’t many fish kept today. We were lucky enough to catch one, but the fish wasn’t long enough to meet the minimum length requirement for commercial. Still, it was nice to get out, and I think that the bluefin fishing is going to improve over the next week or two. If they stick around like the last several years, we should have good fishing from now thru early April.

The holidays treated us good, we completed a couple weeks of work in the boatyard, getting ready for this season, and my family and I managed to survive a week in Orlando, Fl. Now I’m ready to get back to work! I haven’t worked on the skiff at all since before Thanksgiving, but I did buy a motor for it, so now I have a greater incentive to wrap it up. I’ll post more pictures soon. Thanks for keeping up with the Godspeed, and I’ll have more reports soon!

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