More Skiff Progress

Yesterday was the first day since mid November that I have actually worked on the skiff.

Today was a breezy sou’wester, so the "shop" conditions were very nice. T-shirt weather is much better for fiberglass and epoxy work than "long john" weather! I admit, my motivation level has been low. After being tied up with the holidays, then a couple weeks in the boatyard, followed by a week of vacation, now with spring right around the corner, we have been getting things ready for a busy spring on the Godspeed. All that to say, the skiff has been on the back burner. Yesterday I glassed the thwarts and glued in cleats to fasten the thwarts to. Today I glued, screwed, and glassed them in place. I also cut and glued/glassed the deck beams for the bow cap. I bought a motor a few weeks ago, a Honda 40, and I expect it to run nice with that power. I’ll update with more pics when I get more done!

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