More Bluefins On The Jigs

The action was great again today, as it was yesterday for the boats that fished. My group fished exclusively with vertical jigs, so it was a challenge.

Yesterday I heard of mostly 120 pounders but today they were all grown up. We started off the day with a 100 pounder, then an 80 pounder. The bites were kinda scattered out, so I worked to the northeast, for no better reason than to get out of the crowd. After a dry spell, I found a mark offshore and east of the fleet. I hollered for the guys to drop their jig over, and BAM, four out of four were hooked up! These fish were a different class. We wound up breaking the leader on two, pulling one off and fighting one for three hours before landing him, a 200 pounder. As we drifted up the beach fighting that fish, I had plenty of good marks and we did deploy another jig at one point, and catch a 150 pounder. Justin threw some chum in one mark and we had the big boys busting on the surface in the chum. It was exciting. Good job guys, and especially Mike for sticking with that fish!

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