Mixed Bag

Today, for a change of pace, we headed south in search of yellowfins, or something other than bluefins.

Not long after we got started, the bluefins found us and completely rim racked our yellowfin spread. We hooked ten, broke off four and landed six. They were all about the same size, but the one we boated weighed 110 pounds. My group asked me politely to leave the area! Anyway, we headed out further where I came across a current edge with some grass made up along it. We didn’t have a lot of action, for the time we spent on it, but we did scrap out a catch. We found a pallet floating, and managed to catch seven dolphin and a small wahoo around it. A while later the yellowfins hit us and we landed two out of five bites. The boats that hung around the first change found place after place of bluefins, so it’s good to know that they are still more on the way. Thanks Bob!

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