3/26 Hatteras Offshore Update

I haven’t been out since last Saturday, so that’s my excuse for the lack of fishing updates.

Last Saturday we bluefin fished for half a day, till the winds were up to 30, but never caught one. Since then there have been a few boats out, and reports of a few bluefin to the east, and scattered yellowfin and blackfin tuna up and down the line. Today we started out with a nice calm ocean, but the northeast winds increased throughout the day and were gusting to 25 when we left for home. Fishing was fair, I think everybody had some action. As far as bites go, you didn’t have to wait long between albacore bites, but the albacore to tuna ratio wasn’t that great. We did wind up catching two yellowfins and eight blackfins. We had a couple other heavy bites which were probably yellowfins as well. One boat did catch a blue marlin today, and there was some bluefin action east of where we were fishing.

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