Better Action

We joked this morning about how the weather man always changes the forecast to fit the current conditions. This morning the 15-20 knot southwester had been upgraded to 20-25. My group was game, so off we went.

We hadn’t fished long before we caught a yellowfin, so things were off to a good start. The good start turned bad when we lost a 40-50 pound wahoo near the boat. I am still sick from that. We pulled off two other heavy strikes and caught a small dolphin during the next hour. After that I made what turned out to be a wrong decision by working down the break. Of course if we would have found some fish, it would have been the right decision! Anyway, the boats fishing where I left from started having a few bites, so I worked back that way. In the last hour we landed two more yellowfins, a half dozen blackfins, and pulled off that many more. I’d have to say that action wise, fishing was pretty good.

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