Today the fleet covered a lot of area, but the results were about the same wherever you went…slow.

Some of the boats headed more to the east, hoping to pick on the blackfins again, while many of us covered the middle and the southern end. Predictable as I am, I headed south. A few of us spread out and worked down the beach, but the bites were few. We had a little excitement when a 150 pound mako crashed a shortrigger followed by a series of jumps, but it was rather anti-climatic when the hook pulled. We landed one out of a couple of blackfin bites a little later, and pulled of a few other nice bites. Fortunately as I trolled back to the northeast, with my lip stuck out, we hooked and landed a wahoo. He was a welcome addition to our sparse catch! Overall, there was a scattered dolphin, wahoo, and tuna, but nothing to write home about. Thanks Wayne, and I hope to see you guys in the fall!

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