Turn For The Better

Things showed promise of summer today as we had some good dolphin fishing for a change.

Just to catch everybody up, we did fish on Tuesday, but after the beating we took from the ocean, the thunderstorms, and the poor fishing, I didn’t even go near the computer that evening! I hated it for my buddy Greg, but we have had such good luck together that we figured we were due for a slow day. Anyway, yesterday there was a decent sign of blackfins and yellowfins, but we didn’t have a trip. Today things had changed around a little bit so I tried the southern path again. We didn’t have a lot of big bites, just one wahoo, but we did find a couple schools of dolphin and a few singles in between. By the time the smoke cleared we had boated a nice catch of mostly bailers plus a few small gaffers. The day was a little bumpy, but the skies were clear, and by quittin’ time, the seas had calmed quite a bit. Thanks Rick, and I hope to see you and the guys again soon!

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