Beginner’s Luck!

For some of these guys, it was their first fishing trip. What a way to start!

It’s hard to figure, but I fished in the same general area that I did yesterday afternoon. What a difference a day makes. I fished to the northeast on a temperature break and had great dolphin fishing, big bailers and small gaffers. I suggested to my group that we drop offshore and try for some tuna, and they agreed. We had some pretty good action with the blackfins, and also caught a 35 pound yellowfin. I made another executive decision to work back inshore, in hopes of catching something different, maybe a mako. We got the big bite, but instead of it being a mako, it turned out to be a 55 pound wahoo! What a way to finish the day! Thanks Ken for a great trip. Hope to see you this fall.

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