Bruce And The Boys

We started out the day taking a swell from a squally ol’ southerly wind right on the chin. Fortunately as the day progressed the weather got nicer and nicer.

Our first bite of the morning was one out of two white marlin, so congrats to Bruce on his first, and what a way to start. Shortly after that we caught a gaffer dolphin, but the grass that provided habitat for the dolphin yesterday seemed to be long gone, and the dolphin action with it. My guys really wanted to fish for "meat", so I turned a deaf ear to the radio as the marlin bites were announced throughout the day. Our luck was pretty poor the rest of the morning as we missed or pulled off several other gaffers and what was probably a wahoo. Finally I found a spot where the color change came together and there were some dolphin along it. They were a little on the "flip flop" side for size, but as I always say in cases like these…"the grill has no conscience"! Anyway, we managed to bail 40 or so, plus three or four more gaffers to make our day. We also had some pretty good houndfish action! Thanks again Bruce, and I’ll see you in September.

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