May 25 Hatteras Offshore Fishing Report

Things were kinda scrappy around the fleet today, but we still wound up with a handful of gaffer dolphin.

The last time Justin’s dad fished with us was in March, for giant bluefins. Today it was warmer and the fish were smaller than the 300 pounders they caught on their last trip! It looked promising this morning after fishing a half hour, we got hit by the gaffers and caught five in one whack. After that things got pretty slow. We caught three more nice dolphin the rest of the day, with the exception of one big almaco jack that we jigged off of a wreck. It was pretty spotty for most of the boats today, but I heard a report of some pretty good dolphin fishing headed our way, so I’m excited. There was one white marlin caught in our fleet today and maybe a wahoo or two. In the afternoon I jogged back inshore and spent an hour around the inlet looking for spanish mackerel and blues. We caught a few, but the inshore action was better this morning. Thanks Bunky!

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