Nate’s Big Comeback

Fishing was great offshore today!

After landing four gaffers this morning, and enjoying a fabulous "sea world" porpoise show, I pushed offshore to hopefully find a marlin, and a few more dolphin in the deep. Well, to my pleasant surprise, I came across a grass line that was loaded with gaffers and big bailers. We caught fish till they had enough, and went on looking for something bigger. We had two big mystery bites that I would like to say were marlin, but can’t for sure. In the early afternoon, Nate, who had come down with the 10 hour flu, perked up and seemed ready to catch some fish, so I located a few more dolphin and he hammered three of them! Good job Nate. Turns out that his 10 hour flu only lasted 6 hours. After showing off his fishing skills, he impressed me with his navigational knowledge. I think he’s gunning for my job. Anyway, thanks CJ for a terrific trip, and I hope to see you guys in the fall!

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