Slick And Slow

The weather was definitely in our favor today, but the fish were not too eager to cooperate.

It’s easy to enjoy a day in the gulf stream when the weather is calm. That’s what we had today, but the fish didn’t really want to bite. The bites we h ad this morning were few, and lazy. Around lunch time I found a nice float that had one big gaffer and a dozen bailers around it, but we only caught one bailer out of it. A little later I found another float with dolphin jumping around it. I was licking my lips. We only got three of them to bite! Everybody was saying the same thing over the radio, lazy fish with 0 appetite. Finally we caught a 30 pound gaffer, good job Joe. A couple more bailers and one medium gaffer would round out the afternoon, but it was a let down considering all the fish we saw. Still my group had a great time, and it was enjoyable for me and Justin to spend the day with them again. Thanks Connie, and I can’t wait till the next trip!

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