White Marlin Action

The great weather is holding up, and today we had the best marlin bite of the year so far.

My group expressed an interest in "meat fishing", but after a couple hours in the shallows and not much action, I suggested that we might have better action in the deep, by the reports I had heard on the radio. We did land one gaffer and a few bailer dolphin before winding our stuff in and jogging on off to the marlin grounds. We wound up with three whites for the day. Our first flurry was a double header of whites, one on a shortrigger and the other on a teaser. Justin hooked the shortrigger fish but the teaser fish disappeared. We released him and got back to work. Shortly after that, we caught another white off a flatline bite. A little while later, we hooked another single on a short shotgun. We never had any more dolphin action, but I’ll take a beautiful cool June day watching the spread for a billfish! Thanks as always Sieg. See you guys next year!

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