Nathanael’s Sail

The weather was great today, dolphin fishing was pretty good, and there was some billfish action as well.

Last year when these guys went with me, Luis caught a sailfish, to go along with a great catch of dolphin and tuna. This year Nathanael caught a sail, not to be outdone by his dad, to go along with another great catch of dolphin! We started out on a grass line, and found a couple of good schools of fish, but it didn’t take long for the boats to beat the grass line to death, and the bites became few. We gave up after 40 and headed off to the deep, in hopes of seeing something BIG. The sail was our highlight, but we also had a big wahoo sky on a longrigger, but didn’t come tight. I stumbled upon a float that had some nice dolphin around it, and we were able to catch ten more, including a few gaffers. All in all, a great trip. Thanks again Luis!

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