6/28 Hatteras Offshore Fishing Report

After sitting at the dock for three days due to weather, Sunday off, and no trip on Monday, I was READY to go fishing today!

My old friend Mike and his regular crew joined us for a rather sporty day offshore. The winds were 20 + out of the southwest all day, so it was choppy. Unfortunately, the dolphin fishing wasn’t as good as it has been, and you could easily have been "out to lunch". Fortunately for us, we were near the Gambler when he spotted a pallet with a school of dolphin around it. His group didn’t want any dolphin so I got the invitation. Thanks Steve. Anyway, other than the action around the float, we jumped off a sailfish in the morning and caught a handful of dolphin a couple times during the day. We wound up with a nice catch and plenty of fish for the gang! Thanks guys!

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