7/11 Hatteras Offshore Fishing Report

Today was a good example of how inquiring about a make-up can pay off. Dave, Derek and Randon wanted to go fishing but needed some guys to split the trip with them. I knew Jean was ready to go, and I can always call my buddies John and Jim. Anyway, it was a picture perfect day offshore!

I wanted to get some fish for everybody to take back, so we started out on a dolphin mission. We finished up with our limit in three or four stops, including a couple of gaffers. While we were "patty whacking" for our dolphin, there was a brief sailfish bite inshore of us. By the time we finished up and got back in there, it was over, but we still saw a couple of free jumpers, but never raised one in our spread. Still it was slick calm and a GREAT day to be offshore! Thanks everybody, and Jim, I’ll see you back in a few weeks!

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