Late Start, Early Finish!

My group made an error in their schedule, and didn’t realize that today was their scheduled day to fish, until I called them at 7:00! By the time they rounded up the gang and drove down from Avon, it was after 8:00. The good news was that fishing was so good, it really didn’t matter!

We wanted to find some fish for Brandon and Justin (12 & 13) to catch, so I was on a dolphin hunt from the start. We caught two as soon as we got going, but it was a while before I found anything else. The marlin were making a good showing, and Cathy managed to catch a white as we made a lap out a little deeper. I found some streaks of grass after that and the biggest school of dolphin I have seen all year. It was definitely what we call a "blue million". After we finished up with our limit, five other boats got their limit there as well. I asked Keith if they wanted to go back offshore and he said they were ready to head on in. Not bad for a half day! Thanks for a great trip guys!

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