July 15th Hatteras Offshore Fishing Report

We were greeted with another breezy morning, out of the east. My group had been waiting for this trip for a long time and said there was NO WAY they weren’t going!

It was reasonably choppy, but plenty fishable once we got in to the blue water. I started out on a color change, picking at the dolphin, and after an hour, we found the mega school and caught our limit. We wound up with a few gaffers mixed in with the bailers as well. I had the rest of the day to skip baits, and enjoyed some sailfish action. Derrick caught his which was one out of a doubleheader, and Laura caught one out of a double as well. On the second doubleheader, both fish were on the teasers. Pretty cool bites. We lost a couple of other nice fish that I would guess were wahoos. Action was pretty good around the fleet as well, more of the same. Thanks Wayne for a great day of fishing. Looking forward to fishing with you AND the next generation again!

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