Lots Of Action!

The Hatteras offshore fishing report for today is OUTSTANDING ACTION!

First of all, the weather was perfect. It was slick calm and cool. We started out our morning hooking a sailfish, and somehow, ten jumps and five minutes into the fight, the leader broke. Just one of those freak things I guess. Anyhow, we got in position for some dolphin action, and when they found us, it was "katy bar the door". We caught or limit of BIG bailers, and a couple of gaffers, in two or three stops. Next, we had another shot at a sailfish on a teaser. This time everything went perfect and Blake released his first sail. Next we had a big wahoo skyrocket on a teaser, just to get everybody’s attention, but two baits later, he made the mistake of getting hooked. Brent did a great job of landing the 37 pounder on a TLD 20. After that, and close to the end of the day, we raised a trippleheader of sailfish. Only one of them was willing to take a bait, and he pulled off, but it was great to see all the fish in the spread! Thanks guys for a wonderful day offshore. Enjoy all the fish and I’ll see you next time!

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