Salt In The Wound

I couldn’t stand it any more. The forecast for today was south winds at 5 knots. I thought I had a few friends gathered up to go fishing today, but in the end, it was my son Simon, and my old buddy Jonboy.

I am pleased to report that fishing was great. I don’t know if anyone else has been offshore out of Hatteras till today, and I was the only boat out today. Like I said, it was a "buss-man’s holiday, and I really just wanted to take my kids out. Andrea chose to stay on shore and continue helping people clean up, but Simon was all over the offer.
It’s hard to keep a school of dolphin biting with a small group, much less one nine year old boy, but somehow we managed to catch close to 150 dolphin today. Oh yeah, it was that good. We really didn’t have the man power to set out a spread and go looking for something big, but we did catch a handful of blackfin tuna and oceanic bonitos, plus Simon got a few jumps out of a sailfish before he let the hook go. It was a gorgeous day offshore, and I am so sorry that, for now, you can’t get here to enjoy it. Please look at scheduling a fall trip!

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