February Blues

We headed out this morning with yellowfin on our minds, but our minds changed!

The yellowfins were very sparse, in fact out of the Hatteras and Oregon Inlet fleets combined I only heard of two caught. The bluefins made a great showing today, so our interests shifted to over them instead. There were a lot of fish around, but for the amount of fish that were seen, they really weren’t biting that well. We saw fish flashing and busting, as well as huge marks of bluefins on the bottom machine. We caught two, the first was landed by Heath, and was small enough to keep, at 140 pounds. The second bluefin would have been too large to keep, and we estimated him at 300 pounds. Greg did a good job of hanging in there for the duration of the fight! Near the end of the day Justin pitched a bait, on 50 pound tackle, to a 350 pound hammerhead shark. My buddy Casey angled him to the boat for the release. It was a picture perfect day offshore, and a lot of fun with a make up party! Thanks everybody!

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