2/14 Bluefin Report

I had some of the same crew again and we had a couple of outrageous strikes on surface popping plugs!

The current had really picked up, and the fish weren’t showing on the surface as good as the day before, but there were marks everywhere and a good sign of bluefin in the area. We got lucky and greased our first fish, a 65 inch 150 pounder that was caught on a popper. After that we hooked a bigger fish on a top water popping plug and wound up battling him for the rest of the day. Once we got him to the boat we could see that the plug was in his cheek, which made landing the 250-300 pounder that much more difficult. I marked fish the whole time we battled him, but working jigs was difficult for my guys to do while I was maneuvering the boat. Great work Jason and Chris!

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