Today wound up being much nicer than the weather man forecasted, but fishing was still a little spotty.

My buddy Kevin called me up and said he wanted to go fishing. I told him the weather didn’t look so great, but he said "man… I NEED TO GO FISHING!" Sometimes you just need a fix. Anyway, hopefully the day offshore was therapeutic for him. We headed to the east, and after finding nothing in the only area that there were bluefins found yesterday, decided to make a move. There were two boats fishing out of Oregon Inlet, and both reported a sign of fish, so we steamed 15 miles to the northeast to get a piece of the action. Unfortunately things dried up about the time we got there. There were a few marks around, and one of our boats hooked a couple bluefins, but the other two of us didn’t. We got lucky at once when three yellowfins hit us, and we landed two of them, but that would be the extent of our action. Thanks Kevin, and I hope you can team up with your brother for another day offshore soon!

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