Big Wahoos!

We set our hopes on tuna action today, but the wahoos quickly took center stage!

We did catch four decent size blackfins this morning, but the area that we were fishing was quickly getting overtaken by cold green water. It was looking like the chances of catching more tuna were gonna be slim, and they were, but the wahoo action took it’s place. We wound up catching six out of ten or twelve bites, including two citations. Mike caught a 59 pounder, which was just shy of the 61 pounder he caught with me in November. Glenn, on his first offshore trip, landed a 44 pounder which also earned him some paperwork. We did have a couple of dolphin bites, and there were a few others caught in the fleet, but the dolphin fishing wasn’t as good today. Thanks again Mike and Daphne for another great day!

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