4/19 Hatteras Offshore Fishing Report

My favorite reports to write are the ones that talk of beautiful weather and great fishing. I wish today’s report could be one of those, but it wasn’t quite that good.

It was a reasonable nice day, although it was pretty rainy in the morning. The rain cleared up however, and the seas were fairly calm. The winds were a little breezy from the north, and I’ve gotta tell you that I was chilly all day! Anyway, I headed pretty far south in hopes that there may be one or two hungry wahoos left down there. We never had a wahoo bite, and after fishing along a beautiful current edge for over ten miles, we had only managed to catch five dolphin. My guys were bored and requested some inshore fishing for the afternoon, so we headed back in to the inlet where the blues were biting. By quitting time everybody was smiling! Hopefully the offshore fish will cooperate better tomorrow!

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